Training Sessions

Reducing Recurrent Defects

The training sessions we offer are aimed at three main areas:

Operative: Staff training is essential for your team to keep up to date with the latest trends and be fully competent with their tasks. The training we provide can take the form of simple toolbox talks to developing training plans for operatives that are delivered on site over a period of time. Training includes project specific details and guidance to ensure your project is built to the correct specifications and to a good standard.

Supervisor: Training is centred around Quality Control. Effective Quality Control training for Supervisors includes how to check details against drawings, how to be more observant whilst on site and methods of checking and ensuring operatives complete work to a good standard.

Management: We tailor training for construction site management teams to enhance their knowledge base without becoming solely focused on the detail. The emphasis is on managers learning how to get the best from their supervisors and ultimately the operatives. Our training is aimed at understanding the Quality Processes already in place and understanding the main points to look for when checking workmanship and dealing with supervisors.

There is a fundamental link between quality and good training.

Planned delivery of training is vital to getting the message across, reducing call backs,snagging lists and ultimately finishing projects on time and to a good standard.

On site – Training can be undertaken on specific subjects.  The subject may be a technical issue that is continually identified on site.  Procedural issues can also be addressed.If 2 trades or areas of work are required to be covered this can be done either side of breaktime.  The training can last up to 2 hours. Sessions are conducted as training workshops, encouraging participation by all attendees.

On line – Training can be undertaken at the time of the induction prior to any work being undertaken and also during the construction phase especially when defects are occurring.  Whilst the training will not identify every defect that can occur it will cover the areas where the majority of defects occur which can then be reinforced by the use of downloaded material.  The video will last no longer than 15 minutes to maintain the attention of the participant.

The training can also act as an aid to remind site staff, Managers and supervisors which items to look out for during the construction phase.

About this Process

Training sessions are tailored based on:

  • Seniority of Recipient
  • Subject Matter
  • Location

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Training Sessions

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