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What area of the UK do you Cover?

England south of the Mersey to the Humber.

In what format do you provide your reports?

We use PlanRadar, a construction specific reporting software, to which we provide you with free access to view your reports online. We are also able to export these and email them to you in PDF and Excel formats.  However if you already use a similar reporting software such as SnagR or ProCore we have experience of those as well and can supply the report via your internal software.

Whats the current lead time from quote to services being provided?

This is very dependant on the service you are requesting but our current lead time is around 1 month to demonstrate the service.

Can you provide us with details of Scope of Works and Terms and Conditions?

Yes. Once we have the full details of your companies requirements we will provide you with a scope of works and terms and conditions.

Are you covered by Insurance's?

Yes which can be provided when a demonstration has been paid for.