Warranty advice & arbitrations

After the first 2 years of the warranty for a claim or arbitration to succeed getting the procedure correct is as important as diagnosing the issue correctly and carrying out the correct remedial work.

CSIQA can offer procedural guidance on ensuring the best outcome for you concerning warranty claims and an arbitration where the claim is disputed.

  • We can assist you at the claims stage to ensure that all the information is available for a decision to be made.

  • If you do not agree with the NHBC (or other warranty provider decision)  we can advise you of the best action to take.  If it goes to arbitration we can assist in presenting your case.

  • People often concentrate on the technical aspect of the claim but often the procedural side can be done incorrectly with the claim correctly with the NHBC.

Having undertaken and won 10 arbitrations whilst at the NHBC, we have a wide experience to help you in your case.


If there is a dispute with the claim, arbitration is often used to resolve the issue as it is cost effective method. An impartial arbitrator appointed through Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is asked to make a decision on the evidence presented by the parties.  This needs to be technically correct as well as follow the procedural correctly. 

Your initial submission needs to be accurate and set out your case out referencing the NHBC policy, rules and technical requirements.  You will not have any further chance to introduce additional information unless it is in response to the other party’s submission or the arbitrator requests certain information. Although you may have the technically correct argument if it does not follow the Buildmark warranty and NHBC rules it may easily fail.