Site Visits

Proactive defect management minimizes the number of defects in new construction projects which in turn reduces the company’s customer services costs, and services cost and helps improve the customer experience and brand image through fewer complaints.  Auditing projects  allows projects allow potential and actual defects to be identified prior to being encapsulated in the building and becoming a latent defect.  Items can be identified and addressed before they become repetitive and occur over the whole of the development. 

Site visits enable many items to be highlighted and resolved in a very short period as trade supervisors often concentrate on speed rather than preventing defects. The site visit provides a snapshot of the trades work so you are able to target resources and the Site Management will have physical evidence documented to present to trades and be able to ensure issues are rectified.. Repetition of the issue will also be prevented as this can be checked by site managers during construction as well as at the next quality visit. Throughout the reporting process we can provide data on trades and contractors across sites under your portfolio assisting you in identifying trends and supporting your performance management processes. 


Covid-19 Visits 

During this period of restrictions, we recognise the issues faced by the construction industry to work within the government guidelines.  We therefore offer visits between 06.00 and 18.00 (so that they can be completed by 21.00) 7 days a week to avoid slowing the construction process. We are taking the required precautions as reflected in our RAMS and this includes not using public transport whenever possible. We will travel by vehicle and cycle and ask that van parking or a safe place for a cycle is provided on site. 



Virtual visits 

Using Microsoft Teams or Zoom we can carry out visits looking at specific stages of work or touring a project under construction.  This is best suited for use at Key Stage Visits where a specific plot or area of construction needs to be viewed.  


Where a good data signal is not available the visit can be done by recording a video and taking good quality still photographs (minimum 4mb) and sending this to the CSI~QA surveyor to view and discuss with site management.  It is suggested the folder that the video and photos are in, is sent by WeTransfer or other means. Please click on this link to see the method of doing this. 

Key Stage Visits

Carried out at specific stages of work, which can include a training session for site staff setting a bench mark for trades to attain which can be referred back to by site management. 

If you require this to include a review of  the QA system on site for this stage of work, we can provide advice on how this can be improved. The visit can be extended by 2 hours if pre-arranged to facilitate your specific needs.  For more information click here