Other Sources

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Here are some other reputable sources of guidance for construction

Defect legal guide

In law liability for defects in construction is clear as long as the reported defect is a defect.  When the defect has been rectified the dispute often continues when compensation is sought.  This paper sets out a clear path for resolving the dispute.

British Gypsum

British Gypsum provides various literature to demonstrate the correct installation of the various boards. General Site Guidance covers the basic details where Gypwall Classic & Robust, Shaftwall and

Timber Stud cover the individual areas.

For a more concise reference to the British Gypsum guidance read the 'Good Practice Guide' or watch how to install Gypwall.

English version                        You Tube

Bulgarian version                    You Tube

French version                         You Tube

Polish version                          You Tube

Romanian version                   You Tube

For ceilings there is specific guidance for:

CasoLine MF

CasoLine Grid

Timber Joist

The Brick Development Association

The Brick Development Association provides general guidance to improve the completed brickwork, as well as technical guidance and structural guidance.

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