CSIQA initial work was in this area helping homeowners present a case to the builder and the NHBC (and other warranty providers) in respect of defects in their home.  We realised that we could be more effective by reducing the issues at source and started working with builders who wanted to be proactive in producing better quality homes. Where there are issues with properties built by other builders we can help by assisting you in presenting your case and then following it through to completion.

Submitting a claim to NHBC can be very time consuming and you not only need to prove fault but you also need to make sure you have followed the correct procedures.

We will carry out a survey of the property and identify areas of work that do not comply with the NHBC Standards.  We are guided by you concerning the extent of the survey.  For non-intrusive the survey the report will identify issues that can be seen without the removal of any items or the use of ladders.  For an intrusive survey items beneath the skin of the building will be looked for which may not be obvious at first sight and may lead to problems later in the use of the building.  

Assistance can also be provided with claims after the first two years where there is damage present.

We can provide further telephone assistance to help you progress the claim with the NHBC to ensure that you obtain a resolution report from them instructing the builder to carry out work.  If you require further assistance please contact us. 

A non-intrusive survey consists of viewing the property without the use of ladders or carrying out any opening up works.  An intrusive survey will allow for the use of an endoscope, a ladder to view areas and some opening up works.


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