HA Site Visits

An audit of the site allows for potential and actual defects to be identified prior to them being encapsulated in the building and becoming a latent defect.  Repetitive items are identified and can be addressed before they occur over the whole of the development helping the homes to be completed on time and with less issues to prevent inconvenience after completion and to reduce maintenance costs. 

We identify potential and existing defects and provide you with a detailed report, highlighting the potential defects, referencing drawing, plans, details and recognised standards, as well as providing guidance on best practise.  This will limit inconvenience not only to yourselves but to your customers.  A single site visit can enable many items to be identified and we will advise you on a time frame in which, the build should resolve each defect. Our report will provide you with the edge on the contractor and documented physical evidence to present to them to ensure they rectify the problems. If you have concerns that these defects may occur across the whole development, we advise future visits.

Monthly Quality Audit

Carried out on a monthly basis, a walk is carried out over the development looking at stages of work that are taking place.  The visit would normally be undertaken with the Clerk of Works and would take 2 to 3 hours dependent on the size of the development and the defects found.  For more information contact us

Stage Quality Audit

Carried out at specific stage of work to snag a plot at a particular stage.  This can be fine tuned by yourselves from compliance with the NHBC Standards to compliance with the drawings and the employers requirements.  Work would normally take 2-3 hours on site with pre and post work taking additional time dependent on the detail required.  For more information contact us

Bespoke Quality Audit

These are undertaken at a time that suits you covering areas of work requested by you.  They can be a mix of the monthly and stage audits above or focus on a certain item, trade or area of work.  The report can be produced on site and the site management briefed prior to the end of the day.  For more information contact us