Guidance Documents

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With standards and Approved Documents constantly changing and a wide variety of manufacturers each with their own specific requirements, it is difficult to keep up to date with the most relevant information. To support you with this challenge, we have prepared some condensed guidance on fundamental areas of construction. These are collated using recognised guidance and/or manufacturer's guidance presented in one place. We feel these provide a great starting point and would always recommend that you also read the NHBC standards and the specific manufacturers guidance on these areas.

The purpose of each A4 guidance document is to provide a quick and easy method of identifying the common (not all) defects that occur at that stage of work, area of work or trade group.  The contents of this page are intended for general information purposes only and should be used in conjunction with other recognised guidance. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of this information.


There are shortcuts provided on the sheets that take you to more detailed guidance on the item.  There are also additional pages on this site which will take you to more in-depth guidance and provide further reading material to allow the item to be fully understood.  Whilst the NHBC, British Standards and Approved Documents are referred to as guidance or recommendations, these should be followed, or an alternative design used that at least meets the same standard as the guidance given.

Samples of the guidance are provided below.

A4 guidance documents.

Drainage guidance document.jpg
Cavity tray guidance document.jpg
Dwellinghouse Fire guidance 3+ storeys.j