Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) offers an efficient and transparent method of resolving technical disputes.  Through the DRS we seek to settle on or off site technical disputes using recognised standards, quickly to minimise the impact on the construction sequence.  We offer an opinion backed up by reference to recognised technical guidance.

Disputes over technical aspects during the construction and completion of the building are fast becoming commonplace in business today. In an environment where disputes can cause delay and bad feeling leading to overruns, an effective mediation method is required. CSIQA provide technical mediation that is cost effective with proven results for companies looking to recover loss and expense or limit damages.  Used within the first stages of discussion the goal is to reach a resolution with little impact to the development.


• The secret of success following the presentation of or response to claims lies in the negotiations. Even a claim based on sound legal principles and accurate records will usually result in a poor financial return without first class negotiating skills. Conversely a poor quality claim could be successful if those representing the respondent lack the necessary negotiating skills. Claims Services & Inspection are able to provide claims negotiators with the necessary technical skills to match any in the market place.

Contact us with the details of the dispute and we will explain how we can help.