Where our services can support your housing or commercial construction needs :

With the use of social media becoming more prevalent, a small defect can become a large-scale problem, damaging your reputation, and tying up finical and personnel resources.  Ensuring that the construction is built correctly on site requires a process to be followed from inception to completion. We provide an independent defect management solution identifying current defects and potential problems, referencing up to stands and approved documentation. We report these to you in a comprehensive, tailor made report, highlighting areas on existing plans and drawings. The result is a reduction in the company’s costs for customer services and, more importantly, an improvement in the customer experience and brand image due to fewer complaints. We can also provide training packages to assist in reducing the number, repetition and severity of defects.

The Quality Journey

Design and construction both affect the quality of homes and often one profession will blame the other for defect and complications. The Callcutt Review was undertaken in 2007 and it included a chapter on Quality and Regulation, with the quality being split between design and construction.  Neither design or construction performed well, and the regulation and inspection of work was also criticised. According to the House of Commons briefing paper, released nine years later in 2016, similar issues remain. Through site visits we can pro-activity support you in delivering a project that will buck this trend, assisting you to stand out as a industry leader.

Since Shaun started in the industry the Approved Documents have increased to documents that are twice the size, more complicated and require more than one person to be involved with.  Defects still occur and published items concerning defects can be found at Housebuilder and Property developer where they discuss 'More Homes, Fewer complaints' published by the government.  Whilst the document takes time to read through, it provides a good insight into the issues, and is still relevant today.  This can be seen in briefing paper 07665 published by the government which reflects many of the same issues discussed in the older publications.  

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When appointing sub-contractors, a common issue is that many of the operatives will be un-skilled and/or do not understand their trade fully.  To help reinforce the correct methodology of carrying out their trade a short recorded presentation can be played at induction time.  If the common items are still found to be occurring the operative can be asked to watch the presentation again.  Specific on-site training can be provided for the site management, supervisors and operatives. With multiple visits to site we can provide reports and data highlighting trends of faults, specific to site and faults across your portfolio of projects including the trades and sub-contractor accountable.

Design & Construction

There tends to be three aspects to the triangle of completing work.  Time, cost and quality and in that order.  We can advise strategies to maintain quality without impacting on the time, and remaining cost effective. Whilst the architect is responsible for the design and the drawings are checked by Building Control, items are often incorrectly designed, specified or difficult to build. These three things contribute to defects on site.  Even where things are simple to construct, contractors often fail to follow guidance or drawings to provide the product that is required. 

Site Visit

Bespoke, periodic or stage visits can be undertaken to highlight areas of work which have not been carried out to follow the NHBC Technical Requirements.  The visit can be carried out with the site management and/or supervisors of the trades so that items can be discussed to allow the trades to understand the reasoning behind the requirements.  A report with photographs can then be produced indicating the main areas of concern.

Customer Care

If problems do arise after completion, we understand that they need to be dealt with cost effectively.  We can attend the resolution meeting with the warranty provider to resolve the issue. If the item requires investigating, we can carry out a Defect Diagnosis where we investigate the concern and provide a report on our findings. 

As well as your customer care team being able to provide you with statistics concerning defects and claims, your warranty provider can also provide you with these details and show how this compares with the industry as a whole.  This can form the basis as to what particular areas require targeting.