Bespoke Visits

The remit for the visit is provided by you and should be clear in the objective. Sufficient time should be provided to ensure that the time allocated and the resources needed can be arranged.  Drawings, specifications, material details and the QA details and procedure would need to be sent a week before the visit to allow the details to be read and any special installation details to be ascertained. Alternatively, this can be done on the day of the visit but would reduce time available for other aspects of the audit.

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The visit may consist of a mix of stage and quality audits or a visit to look at one specific area of work or problem. It can be used to check previous reports to ensure that they have been closed out correctly and to check the frequency of the items reoccurring.   If there is a QA system in place you may wish for compliance with the procedure to be checked or compliance with the specification.

If a day visit is arranged the report can be written up and fed back by presentation in the afternoon (a wifi connection is required).  This can continue into training being carried out on specific topics relating back to items identified in the audit.


If the presentation of the report is not required on site, a draft report would be provided within 6 hours of the visit with a detailed report being provided within 72 hours. Please contact us for more details